Sunday, November 13, 2011

Free Season's Greetings Printables!

Can you believe it's already mid November?  Where does the time go, right?  In any case, it's THAT time again, time for the holidays, parties, family, food, and fun!

Having a party this holiday season?!  Need some fun printables to add that "pop" you are looking for?  Boy,  have I got a fun giveaway for you!  Just in time for the holiday season, I've designed  a "Season's Greetings" collection that is sure to add a punch of pizazz to any event!  The collection includes: a party invitation, party squares, a wine label, food tags, cupcake wrappers, and a fun "CHEERS" banner.  Everything you should need to throw a party they won't forget!

Wine Label

Party Invitation

Food Tags/Signage/ Gift Tags

Party Squares
Cupcake Wrappers


"Cheers" Banner

Let me know how these printables work out for you, I'd love to see how they made YOUR party POP!  Send me pics, I'd love to share them! Happy Holidays! Be safe, and have fun! ;)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today's Etsy Gift Guide

Need some gift ideas for the upcoming holidays?! 

Check out this gorgeous collection of  TEAL gift ideas, featuring Reincarnations Art's teal taper candlestick holders, courtesy of Andrea over at Edelweiss23 on Etsy!

Thanks a ton Andrea!

Find any favorites or must have gifts in today's collection? 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Today's Etsy Gift Guide

Need some gift ideas for the upcoming holidays?

Check out this gorgeous collection of  gift ideas, featuring Reincarnations Art's chardonnay wine bottle soy candle, courtesy of Shannon Seibel over at smtrepanier on Etsy!

Thanks a ton Shannon!

Find any favorites or must have gifts in today's collection?  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Etsy Green Gift Guide

Feeling a little green?

Check out this gorgeous collection of green gift ideas, featuring Reincarnations Art's damask clock, courtesy of Alexandra over at Floral and Fabulous on Etsy!

Thanks a ton Alexandra!

Find any favorites or must have gifts for someone special or YOURSELF?

2012 Interior Design Trends

Not for the Color shy!

I am one of THOSE, yeah you know one of those fussy people that refuses to award a single color the title of "My Favorite Color".  I like EVERY color!  Ok, so maybe that's a lofty statement, but some where out there is a purpose for every color, tone, hue, and tint that exists in the spectrum...but, I'm sure there are many hiding deeeeeeeeep in the universe where no living being on planet Earth will see (oh know, now I'm rambling!).

The folks over at A Designer Spot put together a list of amazing design trends for 2012, and I couldn't help sharing them with you...

Room# 1

Room# 2

Room# 3

Room# 4

Room# 5

Room# 6

Room# 7

Room# 8

Room# 9

Room# 10

I could never choose just one as my about you? What room do you love?  Think your space has pretty fantastic colors as is?!  Send me some pictures so I can share your beautiful bold colors!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY Light box – The best investment I’ve made!!

As anyone with an online store knows, photography is one of the MOST important elements of your shop! You can have a great product, a great sale, and great branding, but a bad photo can make all of that worthless in a matter of seconds!  We all know that first impressions are REAL, and online shopping is no different!  A buyer comes to your shop with expectations of browsing a beautiful selection of products, so if they can’t get past the bad photo it’s instant retail suicide.

From personal experience I know all too well how incredibly hard it can be to achieve the top notch photos that you want!  It certainly looks easy right?  I took about 4-5 rounds of pictures for our first 60 or so items.  I photographed them inside, outside, staged them, un-staged them, used flash, no flash, just about everything I could think of!  While for brief moments I would be convinced they were perfect, it didn’t take long to realize their inadequate quality once they were starring at me on a 40in HD screen!  

Back to the drawing board, again!

Enter…the LIGHT BOX!
Store bought ones can run you upwards of $200.00, and those are only about 36in x 36in x 36!

Why throw away your hard earned dollars on a store bought one, when it is SOOOOO easy and cost effective to make your own?!  I made mine in 2 hours, and it cost me a LESS THAN $42.00 (of which $9.00 was light bulbs, that you may have laying around!)

Here is how I went about making mine…

Supplies used:

·        5 Sheets of 20” x 30” foam core – 1$ each
·        Straight pins
·        White masking tape
·        Ruler or straightedge
·        2ea 150-Watt Bayco Portable work light - $7.30 ea
·        2ea 75-Watt Bayco Portable work light - $6.50 ea
·        2ea 150-Watt light bulb - $2.50 ea
·        2ea 75-Watt light bulb - $2.00

I chose foam core for my box, but you can use cardboard, MDF or even a thick poster board (you will need to paint those white!).  Foam core is great because it is already white, available everywhere, including my local Dollar Store, AND comes in a 20in x 30in sheet, making for a very generous size light box!  

Let's get to building!

 Step# 1 Apply the Top and Bottom

Align the top sheet of foam core to the back sheet and secure them together using straight pins.  Repeat this step for the bottom sheet, securing that to the other side of the back sheet.

 Your foam core should now be put together in this type of shape

Step# 2 Secure Top and Bottom to Back with masking tape along all edges

Line the edges with white tape to further strengthen the box edges

Step# 3 Remove excess foam core on the sides

There will be excess foam core on the sides as the sheets were 20in wide, but 30in long, so the additional 10in on each side will need to be cut off.  Using a straight edge and a utility knife remove the excess as shown below.

Step# 4 Cut notches, out of the sides

This step is done to be able to get the lights deeper into the box, thus creating your pure white photographs. 

I cut out my notches 3 inches deep

 Step# 5 Cut out “window” on top

This will allow you to take photographs straight on, without needing to flip your box on its side.  I made my window 10.5”wide by 8” long.  Make sure to only cut three of the four sides, so the “window” is hinged, and not removable.

**NOTE** To find the center of your top foam core sheet, simply draw a diagonal line from the bottom right corner to the top left, and another line from the bottom left corner to the top right corner.  Wear those lines intersect is the center of your top.

This step can be done prior to assembly if you chose

 Step# 6 Setting up Lights

I used 4 Bayco portable work lights that I purchased at Lowes, two 150-Watt lights, and two 75-Watt lights.  Attach the 150-Watt lights on the bottom of each side, and the 75-Watt above those on each side.  Point all four lights at the top of your light box.  This will control the shadows that you get, so the more light the better!

75-Watt Bayco Portable work light

150-Watt Bayco Portable work light

 Step# 7 Start Photographing

A few post production steps in Photoshop later, and this is what your product shots could look like!  VOILA…

Tips and tricks (we made the mistakes so you won’t have to!:)...

·        If you want a seamless background, an easy way to achieve that with this lightbox design is simply to curl a piece of bright white poster board on the bottom of the box and have it bend over the edge where the back and bottom meets.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to post a comment or email me at!

And if you decide to build one, send me a picture and let me know how it went!  What material did you use?  Did you find any other helpful tips?  I love to hear from people who have tried my projects!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crystal Wedding Tree

Are you looking for accents for your wedding? 
  Think outside the box!

These trees added such drama and no one had a clue what a bargain they were!  I found these four foot tall bendable black Iron trees with candle holders on Craigslist.  I thought they would work great for a winery wedding I was planning! 

I was able to bend the branches as I wanted, which allowed the crystals to hang freely.  To add some “bling” I found purple crystal chains that are linked together by large “O” rings.  This allowed me to make the chains varying lengths.  On the ends of the purple crystal chains I added large teardrop crystals (REAL crystals, might I add) that came from an vintage chandelier I found in a friends garage.  Major score!  I also wrapped clear crystal chains around the trunk to draw the eye up.

Since the winery did not allow open flame in the area (most venues do not permit any use of an open flame!) I planned to use the trees in I decided to fill the glass candle holders with pieces of green glass.  The room in the winery the reception was being held had special lighting that I was able to focus directly on the trees.  I must say they looked outstanding and I got a ton of compliments on them!

Cannot find trees that you want, why not use an interesting branch, curly willow??!  My mind is already racing thinking of ways to decorate them completely different for my next wedding.  Maybe next time I will add ribbon of different lengths and colors or maybe use it for a wish tree and guests could hang messages to the bride and groom or hang twinkle lights and scarves.  The possibilities are endless and you will never know if it will work if you do not try! 

Get inspired and see where it takes you…. And make sure to ENJOY the journey!

Supplies used:
  • Rod Iron Tree, curly willow, Manzanita, an interesting branch 
  • Crystals 
  • Crystal Chain 
  • Crushed glass pieces

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